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Antenna Magus Professional

Antenna Magus Professional has a broad selection of antenna designs included in the database which is continually being expanded with new designs. Regular updates of the software as well as the database will be available under the downloads page. Users can search through the database by entering search criteria consisting of keywords like high gain, wide band, circularly polarised etc. and select and design antennas according to performance objectives. The designed antennas can be analysed in Antenna Magus to give a quick approximation of the antenna's performance. Once the user is satisfied he can export his design as a parameterised model to any of the supported analysis tools (i.e. FEKO or CST MICROWAVE STUDIO ®).

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Academic package

Antenna Magus offers highly discounted licenses to Universities and other academic institutions. The Academic package includes one Antenna Magus Professional Floating/LAN license and free Classroom licenses for students. The Floating/LAN license permits anyone who is connected to the local area network (LAN) to use the full version of Antenna Magus Professional. The LAN license option is explained in more detail in the section below.

Free classroom licences are available to any institution giving courses in or relating to antenna design (for example electromagnetics or satellite communication systems etc.) and can be obtained from a local CST reseller.
Antenna Magus' Classroom version is ideal for anyone teaching courses in antennas. It contains the following 26 fully functional, practical antennas that can be designed, estimated and exported to CST Studio Suite or FEKO:

Note that for Classroom, the array synthesis tool is limited to synthesize the linear array for directivity, linear null array, linear physical array and the planar physical array. The array import feature is limited to 20 elements and only the half wave dipole and rectangular patch patterns can be combined with the distribution matrix to produce an array pattern.

The add your own antenna feature is completely disabled in the Classroom version.

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Multiple seat floating (local area network) and node-locked Antenna Magus licenses are available for purchase or rental.


The Node-locked license option is ideal for a customer with one antenna engineer. The licence will be locked to the machine where Antenna Magus is installed and allows usage by a single user.

Floating (LAN) option

The floating licence option is the perfect solution for a medium size to large enterprise, or for the single user that requires flexibility. It allows users connected to a local area network to check out a licence and use Antenna Magus on their local machine. Floating licences can also be used to run Antenna Magus through a remote desktop connection.

By default, this option does not allow for concurrent usage, but additional seats may be added (at an additional cost) which will allow multiple users to check out licences and use Antenna Magus simultaneously.


If you have already purchased a node-locked licence with paid M&S, the licence can easily be upgraded to a floating licence at a reduced cost.


Any Antenna Magus licence can be rented/leased on an annual basis. The rental cost is a percentage of the list price and includes maintenance and technical support as well as product updates for the duration of the rental period. The rental option is especially attractive to institutions where a fixed annual budget is allocated for research and development.

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Maintenance & support

M&S is 20% of the official list price and allows access to latest updates, upgrades and technical support.

Antenna Magus supports 64-bit systems running Windows VISTA Business, Windows 7 supporting Service pack 1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Windows Server 2008/2012.

Antenna Magus licenses are updated automatically. New licenses are automatically retrieved over the internet. Thus the user never has to worry about license expiry as long as the license M&S is up to date.