"A toolbox for antenna engineers"

Antenna Magus' is more than just a database of antennas. It is also a toolbox for antenna engineers, full of useful utilities that can be used to simplify everyday antenna tasks.

Although there are many utilities freely available on the internet, these free tools do not typically provide detailed information on their methods and limitations or technical support. This means that they have to be used with care. Antenna Magus utilities are carefully tested and can be used with confidence. Errors introduced by these unreliable tools are hard to isolate and costly to fix later in the design process.

1. Array synthesis

The array synthesis tool in Antenna Magus assists engineers in designing and evaluating arrays of different shapes and sizes with different excitation distributions and various radiating elements. The array synthesis tool supports the import of custom array-layouts and synthesised 3D array patterns can be exported to FEKO and CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® file formats.

array calculator preview

2. Chart tracing tool

This is probably one of the most useful utilities in Antenna Magus. It started as an in-house application used by the engineers to read off design values from scanned graphs (mostly from published papers that were only available in *.pdf or in hardcopy). After showing this to other engineers and seeing their excitement we decided to include this as a utility in Antenna Magus.

Simply select your scanned graph image, specify anchor values and follow the trace(s) with your mouse. Apply the spline or linear function and export the XY values to a TSV (tab sperated values) file. It supports both polar and cartesian graphs.

While the chart is being traced, values relevant to the indicated data type are automatically extracted, making it easy to determine quantities such as bandwidth, sidelobe level etc. of the data. These values can then in turn be used for design or specification refinement.

Watch the movie below to see how nicely it works.

A quick 78s demonstration of the chart tracing tool. If your YouTube is blocked, please download the video here.

3. Libraries

Substrate library

The substrate library contains an extensive list of commercial substrates and allows for the easy addition of user specified substrates. This eliminates the need to search literature or the internet for suitable substrates for a given antenna element. The substrate library is one click away and it conveniently filters the whole database of substrates according to specified physical or electrical properties.

Waveguide library

This library is a collection of common designation standardised waveguides. It can be used to easily find the dimensions of a specific designation or to find the electrical characteristics of a standard guide. Cut-off frequencies, as well as usage frequency ranges are indicated in the library. Custom waveguides that may be in use in a company/industry can easily be added to the library for easy reference.