Antenna Magus Export:
Export designed antennas directly to 3D EM Simulation tools

Antenna Magus' export functionality allows more time to be spent on antenna design and less time on mastering simulation software. Novel concepts and design ideas can be tested quicker than ever before. Starting from "ready to run" parametric simulation models exported from Antenna Magus, users can leverage the capabilities offered by the supported 3D EM simulation tools more effectively. Models can also be combined to rapidly realize new topologies.


Example of the export view in Antenna Magus

"More than half of the effort with setting up an antenna for analysis goes into the non-geometrical aspects like choosing the correct feed mechanism or specifying the boundary conditions etc."

Simulation tools like FEKO and CST Studio Suite® regularly release new features and implement new methods which may radically improve simulation performance for specific problems. Understanding and applying these new features to improve antenna simulations takes time. Antenna Magus helps to manage this problem by continuously updating and modifying existing models to include relevant additions as the simulation tools are expanded and improved. These updates are released regularly to ensure that the latest, best antenna analysis methods are used in Antenna Magus models.

Some of the antenna models have various export options. These export options exploit the different modeling approaches that are available in the EM analysis tool. Each export includes useful information about the model - such as local meshing, variable dependencies, labels and region properties etc.

Exporting from Antenna Magus saves valuable time which allows engineers (both experts and novices) to focus more time and energy on meeting final design requirements.