Antenna Magus Estimate Performance:
Estimate designed antennas' performance

Antenna Magus' estimated performance is similar to what is commonly known in the 3D EM tool environment as "analysis" or "simulation" but it has a fundamental difference.

Unlike EM tools, Antenna Magus knows the topology and the environment of the antenna and can make certain approximations which can speed up analysis time while still giving a reasonable performance estimate.

For example consider the pin fed pyramidal horn. When estimating the performance of this antenna, Antenna Magus decouples the waveguide section from the flare section (effectively ignoring the effect of the flare on input impedance). This approach sacrifices accuracy on the input impedance calculation, while giving a reasonable idea of performance in a couple of seconds. Expected differences between this approach and a full wave analysis are explained in the antenna's info document.

Antenna Magus automatically sets up the graphs for each antenna. This reduces clutter and the time it takes to extract the information you need.

Example of estimated performance graph display

Another really useful function in Antenna Magus is "tweaking". It allows users to change the designed parameters within certain boundaries. The example below shows a square truncated circularly polarised patch which was designed for 2.4 GHz. By tweaking the length of the truncation, it is easy to see that the two orthogonal modes shift away from one another, thereby making two linearly polarised resonances rather than one circularly polarised resonance. This insight can be applied later in the design process, when optimising the structure in a 3D EM analysis tool.

Tweak examples in Antenna Magus

Tweaking allows the user to study the relationship between certain physical parameters and the antenna's performance, which makes Antenna Magus not only a dedicated design tool but also a powerful learning tool.

In much less time the user can get a very good grasp of his/her design before moving to the next level. The next level of design happens in a dedicated 3D EM analysis tool like FEKO or CST Studio Suite® where the Antenna Magus design can be exported and customised to fit within given specifications.