Antenna efficiency tool

Reflection, conduction and dielectric losses.

The total antenna efficiency takes into account losses at the input terminals and within the structure of the antenna. The losses may be due, referring to the figure below, to:

  • Reflections due to the mismatch between the transmission line and the antenna
  • I2R losses (conduction and dielectric)
  • This tool calculates the total antenna efficiency using the following equation:

    e0= er ecd


    e0 = total antenna efficiency

    er = reflection (mismatch) efficiency = (1 - |Τ|2)

    ecd = antenna radiation efficiency

    Τ = voltage reflection coefficient at the input terminals of the antenna [Τ=(Zin- Z0)/( Zin- Z0) where

    Zin = antenna input impedance, Z0 = characteristic impedance of the transmission line].