Concentric Circular: Specify the layout directly

This algorithm allows the specification of a concentric circular array directly. Antenna Magus does not adjust the array layout at all to achieve specific electrical objectives. This option is useful when evaluating the performance of a custom or pre-designed array layout. The array is always designed so that the elements are arranged in the x-y plane, centred on the z-axis and the central element may be included or excluded.

An example of a customised concentric circular array distribution.

The number of concentric rings, spacing between the rings of elements, as well as the minimum azimuthal spacing between elements may be specified [Note that the azimuthal spacing is a minimum and the algorithm will adjust the spacing for each ring such that the elements in each ring are equally spaced, but are not closer than this value].

In addition to the physical array layout properties, the excitation taper of the array may be specified to allow for beam steering and side-lobe-level control. As the effectiveness of element phasing and usage of a distribution taper are dependent on the physical layout and spacing of the array element, it may not be possible to achieve the specified performance. The angles are as defined below.

Azimuthal (Φ) and elevation (θ) angle definition.

More information about how the array synthesis tool should be used can be found in the array article in the information browser. This article also describes the different excitation tapers in more detail, and provides references for further research.