Planar Inverted Cone Antenna (PICA)
Image of the Planar Inverted Cone Antenna (PICA).

PICAs are planar antennas with a semi-elliptical base and an inverted top installed above a ground plane. These antennas provide ultra-wideband (UWB) performance with radiation patterns similar to other monopole disc antennas.

While the impedance performance of the elliptical-base rectangular monopole already contained in Antenna Magus is better at the lower end of the frequency range, the PICA performs slightly better in the upper portion of the band.

Typical reflection coefficient

The bandwidth of the structure is limited by the radiation pattern performance, since the azimuth radiation pattern does not remain omnidirectional at all frequencies. This performance problem may be addressed by improving the structural asymmetry, e.g. by adding a second orthogonal radiating plate.

Total gain: fmin, 3.5fmin and 7fmin