Pin-fed 2-by-2 patch array with underside corporate feed
Image of the Pin-fed 2-by-2 patch array with underside corporate feed.

This 2 by 2 patch array design in Antenna Magus combines the design of the individual rectangular pin-fed patch element with the design of a corporate microstrip feed network. Not only does Antenna Magus allow to design for a specific substrate, one can also design for an input resistance between 50 Ohm and 150 Ohm.

Two advantages of an underside corporate microstrip feed is a reduction in spurious feed network radiation and a reduction in antenna size (up to 30% in the E-plane when compared to the 2 by 2 microstrip patch array already present in Antenna Magus).

Example of the feed network designed by Antenna Magus

The antenna performance example which below is for a design of 50 Ohm input impedance on a 2.9% (in the medium) thickness substrate with a relative permittivity of 2.

Typical total gain pattern at the centre frequency
Typical reflection coefficient versus frequency
Typical normalised total gain patterns in dB at the centre frequency