Dielectric folded half-loop
Image of the Dielectric folded half-loop.

The dielectric-loaded folded half-loop antenna (DLFHLA) is a variation of the folded loop antenna, where a half-loop is folded around a dielectric block to reduce the antenna size. Mainly used for WiFi applications, the DLFHLA is a self-balanced structure. This means that currents flowing on the ground plane are reduced while still maintaining good performance - a trait which makes the DLFHLA a very good candidate for MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) applications. As such, the DLFHLA provides improved isolation between multiple antennas mounted on the same ground plane when compared to other popular mobile antennas (such as Planar Inverted-F antennas).

Total radiation pattern of a DLFHLA designed using a material with a dielectric permittivity of 6.

Typically the DLFHLA is matched to 50 Ohm and has a narrow impedance bandwidth. The radiation pattern is mainly broadside, but becomes less directive as the permittivity of the dielectric is increased.

The DLFHLA has a narrow impedance bandwidth.