Low-profile rectangular corrugated feeder antenna

Image of the Low-profile rectangular corrugated feeder antenna.

The low-profile corrugated feeder antenna is a linearly polarised, medium gain antenna which has been used in reflector feeds, as well as in integrated wireless networking applications. The antenna radiates through a sub-wavelength aperture in a conducting metallic plate while corrugations in the plate allow further shaping of the beam.

The thickness of the plate determines the resonant frequency while the width of (and distance between) the corrugations determines the angle of constructive interference.

Radiation pattern of the low-profile corrugated feeder showing medium broadside gain.

Increasing the number of corrugations increases the gain and flattens the beam in the E-plane, resulting in a sharp pattern roll-off. This effect is only achievable for a limited number of corrugations, where after additional corrugations have no effect.

The low-profile corrugated feeder antenna has a narrow impedance bandwidth.