Wheel antenna

Image of the Wheel antenna.

Wheel antennas are a group of antennas consisting of a number of loops rotated equally around a feed point. The horizontally-polarised Big Wheel consists of 3 loops which are all orientated parallel to the horizon. Omnidirectional circular polarisation can be achieved by twisting the elements to a 45 degree angle to the horizon. The most popular configurations are the 3 element, better known as the Clover leaf antenna, and the 4 element, better known as the Skew planar wheel. The Clover leaf and Skew planar wheel are very popular among FPV (First Person View) enthusiasts.

The half wave arcs can be seen as half wave dipoles circularly spaced around a centre point, thus creating a circular array of dipoles.

Typical co-polarised 3D radiation pattern at the centre frequency.
Typical S11 performance of the antenna.