Printed Yagi-Uda array with quarter-wave balun

Image of the Printed Yagi-Uda array with quarter-wave balun.

This antenna is a printed version of the classical Yagi-Uda antenna. Compared to the Classical Yagi, the printed Yagi Uda antenna has similar performance with the advantage that no supporting booms are required. This antenna is particularly useful in low power applications where the option of manufacturing on copper clad substrate is attractive.

A balun is needed to feed the driven element of a Yagi-Uda Antenna. This design already includes the design of an integrated quarter wave balun into the structure.

Although the antenna can be optimised for a variety of requirements such as gain, impedance or bandwidth there is a trade-off between the performance characteristics. Antenna Magus designs this antenna for optimal gain and the parametric simulation model can be exported and optimised for other objectives, using CST CST Studio Suite or FEKO.