Planar sleeve monopole

Image of the Planar sleeve monopole with transparency.

This antenna is very popular in wireless network (WLAN) and other communication systems as it can be integrated as part of the circuitry. There are various types of planar monopoles (like the shorted planar monopole, modified inverted-L monopole and compact monopole etc)- the Planar sleeve monopole discussed here is one variation of the planar monopole class.

This monopole operates over a relatively wide bandwidth of up to 2.5:1 radiating an isotropic pattern having approximately 2 dBi gain.

The first graph below shows s11 designed at fc = 2.4 GHz and the second graph shows three typical 3D farfield patterns across the operational band.

Normalised relfection coefficient of the Planar sleeve monpole antenna.
Radiation patterns vs frequency.