Scrimp horn antenna

Image of the Scrimp horn antenna.

The Short Circular Ring-loaded Horn with Minimized Cross Polarisation horn or Scrimp horn is a very compact multimode horn with high aperture efficiency, low cross-polarisation and low VSWR over a broad frequency band. This antenna was specifically developed for applications with stringent requirements on electrical properties and light weight, low volume restrictions. Patch radiators and other planar antennas seem to be optimum candidates to meet the mechanical requirements, but in most cases they do not stand up to the Scrimp horn when considering electrical performance requirements. These horns are also used as radiating elements in high-density satellite multi-element feed-array applications as shown in the image of the INTELSAT VIII C-Band feed array below.

Front and side view sketches of the Scrimp horn.
Example of the Scrimp horn used in the INTELSAT VIII C-Band feed array.

The Scrimp horn radiates a linearly or circularly polarised, single broadside beam, with medium gain and its impedance characteristics are dependent on the physical feed implemented in the antenna. The image below shows typical normalized E and H plane patterns for a design with maximum gain of 12.9 dBi.

Typical gain patterns at the center frequency.