Waveguide-fed Pyramidal Corrugated Horn

Image of the Corrugated pyramidal horn antenna.

The Corrugated pyramidal horn is a variation of the standard Pyramidal horn. The addition of corrugations to the standard pyramidal horn improves the back and sidelobe level performance. Higher back- and sidelobe levels result from energy diffracted by the edges perpendicular to the E-plane. Corrugations in the E-plane edges of the corrugated horn control the illumination of the diffracting edges, suppressing unwanted back- and sidelobes.

Close-up of the Corrugated pyramidal horn simulation model.
Comparison between the back and sidelobe levels of the Standard pyramidal vs the Corrugated Pyramidal Waveguide-fed horn. Designed at 10 GHz for 16 dBi Gain. Graph data was directly exported from Antenna Magus.