Diagonal horn antenna

Image of the Diagonal horn antenna.

The Diagonal horn antenna is the simplest example of a dual-mode horn antenna and was published in the early 60's. Two spatially orthogonal dominant modes (TE10 and TE01) are excited with equal amplitude and phase in a square waveguide that flares to a 90-degree rotated square aperture. For small flare angles the propagation mode within the horn is aligned with the diagonals, resulting in diagonal polarisation of the aperture field, giving rise to the name 'diagonal horn' .

Antenna Magus caters for design at a specific frequency and to achieve a specific gain or beamwidth.

The antenna radiates a linear, dual-linear or circular pattern with good axial symmetry. The radiation pattern of the antenna possesses near-perfect circular symmetry in the principal and secondary planes, as shown in the image below.

Principal plane gain patterns for the Diagonal Horn antenna.