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Version 4.1 released

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

We are pleased to announce a new release of Antenna Magus – Version 4.1. This release sees the addition of 15 new tools, expanding the toolbox to 24 tools and calculators to assist antenna designers with every day antenna-related tasks. Tools include a chart-tracing tool used to convert trace data to numerical values, a two-port network parameter conversion tool, an RCS calculator, and a decibel (dB) to linear power ratio converter, among others.

For those who were not aware of this fact previously, Antenna Magus broke the 200 antenna barrier with the previous release and now boasts 204 antennas – the largest commercially available database of antenna designs in the world.

The Version 4.1 database is expanded through the addition of four exciting new antennas: the Axial choke horn with a dielectric lens, the Offset-fed Gregorian and Cassegrain reflectors and the ?Eggbeater? antenna.

Read more about the added features and?extensions?in newsletter 4.1

Preview of newsletter 4.1

Preview of newsletter 4.1

Author: Robert Kellerman