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Have we reached the tip of the ice berg?

Monday, February 14th, 2011


With almost 160 antennas in the Antenna Magus database we have heard people saying, ?Are you still planning on adding more antennas to Magus or do you think you?ve almost reached the tip of the ice berg?? and our response has always been, “we’re not even close”.

Recently one of our blog readers was looking for an antenna with about 10 dB gain in two opposite directions, for use in a tunnel (Narrow band). Even though there are so many antennas in Antenna Magus, the only bi-directional ones are the spirals. The spirals don?t have the gain, and require baluns, which add to manufacturing costs. Of course he could use an array, but this is going to be too big, and the feed network adds a lot of manufacturing complexity. This just proves that there are still more antennas that need to be included in our database!

I thought this is actually a nice opportunity for a challenge. Lets see if anyone can come up with a better (but simpler) type of antenna to achieve this (pattern below). Actually one of our antenna engineers came up with a great idea which I will share with you in an upcoming blog.

More or less the pattern he is looking for.

More or less the pattern he is looking for.

Author: Robert Kellerman