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Antenna Magus Evaluation version corner reflector improves home internet reception by 12 dBi.

Monday, January 17th, 2011

900 MHz corner reflector designed in Antenna Magus

900 MHz corner reflector designed in Antenna Magus

I was quite chuffed when I saw this post on mybroadband about a corner reflector that was designed using the free Antenna Magus Evaluation version.

He explains how he designed and built a corner reflector from an old printer box and aluminium foil. It is used to boost the 900 MHz UMTS link between his home 3G modem and internet base station which increased the signal by 12.5 dB!

Obviously this will save a lot of money compared to commercial options which will cost over 150 US$ for a > 10 dB gain antenna and coupler which still has to be mounted on the roof (see I just don?t know how I will convince my wife that we have to place this beautiful foil covered box in the living room (coincidently the position of best reception).

Wife: ?Under no circumstances! Our internet works fine.?
Me: ?I know it is not an oil painting honey but this will greatly improve our internet speed?and we save 150 dollars!?

Author: Robert Kellerman