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Antenna Magus launch story

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

The Antenna Magus product launch went extremely successful, well nearly too successful we thought…

Antenna Magus was launched on the 1 May 2009. The date had been fixed months before and we had to GRIND to meet this deadline. Little did we realise that the 1st was a Friday and probably not the best day of the week to launch a new software tool!? And due to some unforeseen errors the website only went live on Saturday around lunch time.

Emails were sent out on Friday morning 1st of May at approx 9am to? +- to 20 000 recipients inviting the whole EM microwave world to go check out:

“the first antenna design software tool of its kind.”

It was a slow start (which probably gave the web server a chance to find its bearings) but surely the web traffic steadily increased and so did the free evaluation downloads. Early Monday morning it appeared as if someone was downloading the internet from our server! 100s of MB’s every minute! We thought this must be a bot that is crawling our site, trying to suck the life from our web server in Germany. So we checked with CST and FEKO,? (who link directly to our server to download the Antenna Magus installs) and they suggested that the traffic was genuine – people who just got an email announcement and had downloaded the evaluation version.

By Monday 5pm there were already 500 downloads of the evaluation version and nearly 300 views of the marketing video (which I’ll blog about a bit later) . By now the number of daily evaluation downloads has stabalised and the sales are starting to roll in…and we haven’t stopped smiling since.

Author: Robert Kellerman

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