Antenna made from salt water!

Sea water antenna

Sea water antenna

I love it when engineers think outside the box. When asked to design an antenna that can be mechanically adjusted for different frequencies most engineers would think of metal structures with some sort of adjustable length (like that ancient TV antenna which I blogged about some months ago). But who would think of making an antenna from salt water? When someone told me about it my first reaction was, no ways, this is probably some joke or something, but it’s not. Follow this link or watch the video clip below for a detailed explanation. The principle is quite simple – a salt water fountain with variable height acts as the resonant structure and a magnetic current probe picks up the induced fields from the water stream positioned in the center of the probe which is connected to a receiver.

I’m sure we’re going to see more of these salt water fountain antennas in the future. Can I have one for my iphone please!

Author: Robert Kellerman

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