There must be an easier way to read off design values from an IEEE paper

Illustrating the traditional graph tracing method.

Illustrating the traditional graph tracing method.

Don?t you find it interesting that one of the most important steps in designing most antennas requires a pencil, ruler and often a magnifying glass in order to obtain the correct values to use in design algorithms? Living in the year 2010 (and not in the years ?before television?) one would think that the method of reading-off graph data from a published IEEE paper should have developed to be at least digitized. But most people still use the same old pencil and ruler method and then have to approximate the value which for some reason always lies on the steepest gradient of the graph resulting in high margin for error.

One of our engineers wrote a very handy Matlab tool which allows you to import a graph as a jpeg image and records the coordinates when clicking on the trace with your mouse, interpolating the X ? Y data, so it saves you the effort of printing the graph and reading off the values by hand. If you think you can use this tool drop me an email and I?ll send it to you.

Such a tool would probably be a very handy feature in Antenna Magus?watch this space.

Author: Robert Kellerman

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