Taking a peek at your iPhone antenna ? the cost effective way

As something of an antenna enthusiast, I was delighted to discover a source of reliable information about the antennas in many commercial devices ? including the iPhone. The Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) (www.astri.org) has taken apart many commercial phones, done measurements on them, and built 3D CAD models of them. Accurate impedance and pattern measurements are also done in anechoic chambers and published on their website for free. It is great to see a reliable, scientific, study of these devices, rather than anecdotal evidence from an enthusiast in their garage with 50% speculation, 50% measurement resolution error and 50% fact.

It is worth blocking time in your schedule to go to their website and look through some of the documentation. Follow this link to view their antenna R&D gallery.

Author: Sam Clarke

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