New Coffee espresso antenna

New coffee espresso antenna

New coffee espresso antenna

Who would ever imagine ground coffee could make an excellent dielectric? We recently did some research and experimented with different, cheaper dielectric materials.? One of our engineers suggested that we should investigate ground coffee. We originally thought it was a ridiculous idea but after some research on the electrical properties of coffee, we did a few simulations and surprisingly found that a standard double espresso group packed with ground coffee makes an excellent cavity and dielectric for a circular patch antenna in the 3.5 to 4.5 GHz range. The image above is a photo of the new Circular coffee espresso antenna. Note how conveniently the cable fits through one of the spouts.

We have been experimenting with different types of coffees and so far it seems like Arabica coffees with a lot of flavor (like the ones mentioned in my previous roasting coffee blog) give the best performance. The image below shows the new coffee antenna with a typical gain pattern at 4 GHz.

Look out for the new Coffee espresso antenna soon to be included in the Antenna Magus database!

Coffee antenna gain pattern

Coffee antenna gain pattern

Author: Robert Kellerman

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  1. GoGreen says:

    hiehiehie!!!!!!!!!! April’s fool!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this idea though….could be a very green idea – to recycle used coffee in some way?

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