Antenna towers ? ideal for base jumping

Who would have thought that antennas and extreme sports have something in common? In the past two decades, base jumping has become more and more popular and apparently high antenna towers make excellent launch platforms. The sport evolved so that base jumpers can also wear special jumpsuits (or wingsuits) that shapes the human body into an airfoil which can create lift and allows them to travel horizontally at ridiculous speeds.

Base jumpers who live in the city far away from cliffs and mountains often have to make use of manmade structures to satisfy their need for an adrenalin rush. Usually jumping off buildings is illegal and jumpers mostly have to jump at night, facing the risk of being arrested. Since 2001 Kuala Lumpur launched an annual international event where jumpers from all over the world take part in jumping off the famous KL tower. This allows base jumpers to do several consecutive jumps during bright daylight with no police handcuffing them at their landing spots.

I?m wondering how many base jumpers become technicians (or maybe vice versa) who service antennas just to get access to ideal base jumping destinations? Has anyone taught them about ICNIRP compliance and the dangers of RF overexposure?

Free falling next to KL tower.

Free falling next to KL tower.

Author: Robert Kellerman

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