Egg beater antenna in 160km/h winds below -50 °C!

Egg beater antenna.

Egg beater antenna.

I recently heard that this egg-beater antenna was considered for installation at South Africa’s base in Antarctica, SANAE. It had to survive extreme weather conditions such as 160km/h winds and temperatures below -50 °C.

The egg-beater antenna is ideal for operating in UHF and VHF bands and it’s a sturdy antenna capable of withstanding extreme conditions like these. In 1983 they measured the coldest temperature ever recorded on earth: -89.2 °C at the Vostok station in Antarctica! One of my former work colleagues is currently a senior engineer on the SANAE team and he is coming to visit in a couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to interview him and hope to post a blog with a couple of his photos and stories.

Antarctica SANAE base.

SANAE base in Antarctica.

Antarctica SANAE base mountain.

Mountain near SANAE base.

Author: Robert Kellerman

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  1. John says:

    So, who makes the one you show here?

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