$2.5 billion on space research!

Could one justify spending $2.5 bill on the Square kilometer array (SKA)?

Could one justify spending $2.5 bil on the Square kilometer array (SKA)?

There is a lot of controversy about the multimillion dollar SKA project. People are asking questions like, ?is it really worth spending 2.5 billion dollars just to listen to the sky while there are poor people living in shacks? How many houses could we rather build with that money? Others say, ?One mustn?t confuse research with helping the poor. Each year there are millions of dollars spent on R&D around the globe which leads to job creation.?

Both of these are valid points of view and one could argue both ways but from an antenna engineer?s point of view the SKA project is probably one of the largest global antenna related projects in history which already attracted a lot of interest from large academic institutes as well as stimulating the antenna industry.

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Author: Robert Kellerman

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