Microstrip-Franklin array contradiction

Microstrip-Franklin array antenna with zoomed insert

Microstrip-Franklin array antenna with zoomed insert

The image above shows the layout of a printed microstrip Franklin array antenna as well as a zoomed in section focusing on a single element of the array (microstrip line with phasing stub). We are busy implementing this antenna in Antenna Magus and are trying to understand the physics behind how the antenna radiates.

The best reference we could find on this antenna is a paper by Klaus Solbach, ?Microstrip-Franklin antenna?, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION, VOL. AP-30, NO. 4, JULY 1982 but it is not clear how this antenna radiates. The Solback paper refers to the ?slot? formed by the phasing stubs (as indicated in the image below) as the radiating element, but the equation defining the radiation resistance, Rs, seems like it is referring only to the microstip line section of each element of the antenna. This suggests a microstrip analogy with the wire Franklin array, which is in effect a linear array of sequentially-fed dipole elements. So ? is this antenna an array of slots, or is it an array of sequentially-fed quarter-wave microstrip dipole elements?

The slot formed by the phasing stubs

The slot formed by the phasing stubs

If anyone has insight on this matter which you are willing to contribute please contact us!

Author: Robert Kellerman

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  1. kabukicho2001 says:

    It seems to me That’s a Franklin Antenna and its complementary one at the same time!

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