Cylindrical dipole antenna with quarter-wave balun feed

We just released Antenna Magus 1.4 with six new antennas included in the database.? All the new antennas are worthy of having a blog written about them but the Cylindrical dipole with quarter-wave balun feed really caught my eye. It is a very sturdy, simple but very useful antenna that you can build using very simple materials – a copper pipe, a metal plate, some solder and a piece of coax.

The fact that the balun is included as part of the Antenna Magus design is very useful. The ?ground plane? actually acts as a reflector, generating a 7 dBi directive gain and an operation bandwidth of approximately 30%. The antenna can easily be arrayed to form a robust base station antenna with beam-steering options (depending on how you excite the elements).

Our antenna design engineers had great fun fabricating one of these antennas for measurement purposes – as there were no published measurements available that could be used to validate the antenna CEM models and design algorithms. ?This antenna is so simple to construct that the job was done in a few hours using copper pipe from an air-conditioning company down the road! Most antenna design engineers these days never get the chance to get their fingers dirty with soldering and cutting pieces of metal and copper?although we all love it!

Photo of the fabricated Dipole with balun feed.

Photo of the fabricated antenna.

Comparing Antenna Magus results with measurements.

Comparing Antenna Magus results with measurements.

Vertical cut plane sketch showing semi-rigid inside copper tube

Vertical cut plane sketch showing semi rigid feed inside copper tube

Author: Robert Kellerman

3 Responses to “Cylindrical dipole antenna with quarter-wave balun feed”

  1. kabukicho2001 says:

    Hi, what’s inside the vertical tube? is it the same as the printed dipole one?

  2. ka says:

    Thx for answering. but is that something like this?
    i i
    — —-
    i i i i i i
    i i i i i i
    i i i i i i
    i i i i i i
    hollow tube tube w/coax inside

  3. Carlos says:

    hi, I had mounted this antenna!
    It was awesome the gain that this simple antenna provides !

    It works pretty well

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