Antenna Magus Version 5.5 Released

We are pleased to announce the new release of Antenna Magus Version 5.5! In addition to some small feature extensions, this release includes new antenna designs and some exciting new transitions – which are extremely useful when designing feed structures and networks for antennas.

The new transitions are:

  1. Microstrip-to-waveguide transition
  2. Microstrip quadrature-hybrid coupler
  3. Microstrip ‘rat race’ coupler
  4. Broadband microstrip radial stub (band-stop structure)
  5. Coax-to-circular waveguide transition
  6. Coax-to-microstrip line transition
  7. Broadband coax-to-quad-ridged waveguide transition
  8. Coax-to-coplanar waveguide (CPW) transition

and the new antennas are:

  1. Quad-ridged conical horn antenna (QRFH)
  2. Pyramidal horn antenna with spherical Luneburg lens
  3. Pyramidal horn antenna with cylindrical Luneburg lens
  4. 2-by-2 array of sequentially rotated wire helix antennas
  5. Planar elliptical dipole antenna

For more information on this update, please visit the Antenna Magus Website or read the Version 5.5 Newsletter.

Cylindrical Luneberg lens

A 6-layer cylindrical Luneberg lens (cut-away to show layering) with pyramidal horn excitation and 3D radiation pattern.

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