Cheap and nasty 13 dBi antenna

The other day our antenna engineer team leader told me how impressed he was with the dipole-fed Short Backfire antenna. After chatting with him I wanted to go build one myself. It is very easy to construct, cheap, small and can achieve up to 13 dBi gain! The characteristics of this antenna make it ideal for Wi-Fi applications, like boosting your wireless internet reception at home.

Short backfire - frying pan antenna

Short backfire - frying pan antenna

The above image shows a short backfire antenna that was built by an Italian engineer (Ciauz B.Loved) from a frying pan! He explains everything in detail on his website. The antenna consists of a ?/2 dipole with a large ?cake pan? like disc and small ?/2 circular disc spaced ?/4 on either side. The two discs reflect both direct and indirect illumination from the dipole producing a great medium gain antenna. The rim of the ?cake pan? increases the bandwidth at the expense of gain and reduces back radiation considerably.

Every antenna engineer should own one of these! All you need to make this antenna is Antenna Magus to design the physical parameters and some basic metal and copper materials – or go measure the diameter of your frying pan in the kitchen!

I?m looking forward to hearing feedback on how it went with your antenna creations!

Author: Robert Kellerman

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