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In addition to the popular antenna information documents, Antenna Magus also has an article section where interesting antenna related articles as well as handy "how to use" Antenna Magus documents are posted. These articles are accessible in the "Info browser" (as shown in the image below). Simply click on the "Open Info Browser" icon on the Antenna Magus ribbon to find them.

Useful articles found in the Info Browser.

Here is a quick summary of the antenna balun article.

Summary of "Understanding baluns" article in Antenna Magus

Not all unbalanced antennas require baluns (like the Bi-Quad) but lots of antennas do need baluns to achieve the required performance - and it's not always apparent which balun to use or for which antennas and/or application a balun may be needed.

The article explains the operation and design of different types of baluns. Detailed sketches, equivalent circuits diagrams, typical antenna applications and quality references for eight different baluns are provided. Another useful feature addition since version 2.0 is an added field in the summary table of each antenna stipulating whether an antenna needs a balun and what type of balun is typically used. Here are a few sketches of some of the baluns discussed in the article:

The physical structure of a split-coax balun.
Coaxial realisation of a Marchant Balun.
Physical structure of the Robert's balun.
Physical structure of the tapered coaxial balun.