Add your own antenna

Custom templates: Adding your own antenna information to Antenna Magus.

Axial-Choke Conical Horn

Designing an Axial-Choke Conical Horn Antenna in Antenna Magus

Offset Horn-Fed Cassegrain Reflectors

Designing Offset and Focus Horn-Fed Cassegrain Reflectors in Antenna Magus

Slotted guide arrays

Designing Linear Resonant- and Linear Traveling-Wave Slotted-Waveguide Array in Antenna Magus

New element L-band array with CST MWS

L-band Dual fed EM coupled circularly polarized circular stacked patch phased array design using Antenna Magus and CST MICROWAVE STUDIO

Introduction to Antenna Magus Interface

Introduction to the Antenna Magus User Interface

Conical Four-Arm Sinuous

Designing Conical Four-Arm Sinuous Antenna in Antenna Magus

Printed Double-T Monopole

Printed Dual-Band Double-T Monopole Antenna in Antenna Magus

Open-Ended Quadrifilar Helix

Designing an Open-Ended Quadrifilar Helix in Antenna Magus

Array Synthesis in Antenna Magus

Antenna Array Synthesis in Antenna Magus


Add your own antenna example

Tutorial of how to add your own antenna in Antenna Magus.

Slotted Guide Array

Demo of designing a travelling wave slotted guide array in Antenna Magus.

Conical 4-Arm Sinuous

Demo of designing a conical 4-arm sinuous antenna in Antenna Magus.

Magic-T Waveguide Transition

Demo of designing a Magic-T waveguide transition in Antenna Magus.

Horn-Fed Cassegrain Reflector

Demo of designing a Horn-Fed Cassegrain Reflector in Antenna Magus.

Dual-Band LPDA

Demo of designing a Dual-band LPDA in Antenna Magus.

Tri-Band Folded Inverted-F

Demo of designing a Tri-band Planar folded IFA in Antenna Magus.

Wideband Coax to Guide Transition

Demo of designing a Wideband Coax to Guide transition in Antenna Magus.

Scalar Corrugated Conical Horn

Demo of designing a waveguide-fed scalar corrugated conical horn antenna in Antenna Magus.

Quad Ridged Horn

Demo of designing a Quad Ridged Pyramidal Horn antenna in Antenna Magus.

Splashplate Reflector

Demo of designing a Parabolic reflector with splashplate feed in Antenna Magus.

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